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Samantha is 6!


Wow… Time is flying by way to fast!  I am long overdue in posting some personal photos!  Enjoy some of my favorite images documenting my little one (who is not so little anymore!).  Enjoy!!  Happy Birthday to our sweet, smart and beautiful young lady who makes us smile every day!  Enjoy!!!
2015-02-19_0007 2015-02-19_0006 2015-02-19_0005 2015-02-19_0004 2015-02-19_0003 2015-02-19_0002 2015-02-19_0001

Kelly and Brandon Engaged!!

Photographed by Laura and Amy

Amy and I had a great time with Kelly and Brandon!!  Here are a few of my many favorites from this fun session photographed at Washington Park, OTR and Riverside Drive.  Kelly and Brandon, I so enjoyed getting to know you both!! Can’t wait until your September wedding!!  Enjoy:)))

2015-02-18_0010 2015-02-18_0011 2015-02-18_0012 2015-02-18_0013 2015-02-18_0014 2015-02-18_0015 2015-02-18_0016 2015-02-18_0017 2015-02-18_0018

Sarah and Oren Married!!!

Photographed by Laura, Mandy, and Eryn

I can’t tell you what an amazing time we had with the oh so fabulous Sarah and Oren.  As you can tell from the photos, so much joy that consumed the whole day.  Not only were Sarah and Oren and their families were smiling ear to ear, we were too!  I have been so excited to show case more from this spectacular wedding.  We were blessed with a gorgeous day in January and were able to take full advantage of it!!  I must say that in all my years of photographing weddings, Sarah and Oren have  the coolest meeting stories I have ever heard.  They met while waiting to board a flight to Israel, then to their delight they realized they would be sitting next to each other for the long flight and once they arrived in Israel they realized their apartments were next to each other.  Sarah told me in Hebrew the term “Besheret” means meant to be or fate.  I think these two are certainly Besheret!!!!

I must thank our killer vendor team!  It truly is a team effort… and it is so awesome to have amazing professionals to work with who all cared so passionately about making Sarah and Oren’s day so special! Elegant Events by Elisa, Elisa MacKenzie and her incredible team of (Kirby, Kelly, Sally, Teri and Lori) , Taylor and the amazing staff at the Hilton, Nancy and Jasmine with Brideface, Goodwin Lighting, Yellow Canary, Poeme, Airwave, Little Brown Dog, Incredible Endings, Primetime Party Rental, Elizabeth Motter Trio  and Sphire Elegance.    It was so fantastic to work with you all!!!   Congratulations Sarah and Oren!!!  We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!!!

Special thanks to my wonderful team of Mandy and Eryn.  I could not have done it without you! XOXO:))))

2015-02-04_0002 2015-02-04_0003 2015-02-04_0004 2015-02-04_0005 2015-02-04_0006 2015-02-04_0007 2015-02-04_0009 2015-02-04_0010 2015-02-04_0011 2015-02-04_0012 2015-02-04_0013 2015-02-04_0014 2015-02-04_0015 2015-02-04_0016 2015-02-04_0017 2015-02-04_0018 2015-02-04_0019 2015-02-04_0020 2015-02-04_0021 2015-02-04_0022 2015-02-04_0023 2015-02-04_0024 2015-02-04_0025 2015-02-04_0026 2015-02-04_0027 2015-02-04_0028 2015-02-04_0029 2015-02-04_0030 2015-02-04_0031 2015-02-04_0032 2015-02-04_0033 2015-02-04_0034 2015-02-04_0035 2015-02-04_0036 2015-02-04_0037 2015-02-04_0038 2015-02-04_0039 2015-02-04_0040 2015-02-04_0041 2015-02-04_0042 2015-02-04_0043

Rachel and Ricky Engaged!

Photographed by Laura

What a blast I had with these two!!! Having the pleasure of photographing Rachel’s sisters wedding in 2013, I was so lucky to get to know Rachel and her family in the process!  I was so excited when I was contacted to photograph Rachel and Ricky’s wedding next year.  Rachel and Ricky thank you for braving the cold. You were troopers!!!  I had such a great time with you both and loved getting to know you both as a couple!   I love how everything turned out and am so excited to be part of your wedding next year.  Here are a few of my many favorites.  I am so excited to share all of your gorgeous images!!  Oh, and thank you to Rachel’s fabulous Mom Linda for all of your help!  Enjoy!!!





Congratulations Sarah and Oren!!!

Photographed by Laura, Mandy and Eryn

WOW!! What a wedding!!  I am so incredibly excited to post many more from Sarah and Oren’s amazing day!!  Please check back very soon for my big post (and this one is going to be a biggie:))  from this incredible day.  Here is just a small sampling of my gazillion favorites.  Many more to come:). Enjoy!!!

Sarah and Oren, it has been an honor to be part of your day!!  Congratulations!  I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together!!  Mazel Tov!!!


Emily and Tim Married!!


Photographed by Laura, Mandy and Alex

What a way to start our year!  When Emily and her Mom first came to see me last summer I was so excited to be working with them.  It has been a blast working together over the last year and a half and seeing Emily’s vision become a reality!  When Emily and Tim’s day finally arrived the weather was less than cooperative but needless to say we did not let it interfere with our plans to get amazing photos.  Emily and Tim, It was a true honor to be part of your day!!  Enjoy this preview!  I can not wait to share many more gorgeous photos!  Thank you so much for having us be part of your very special day!!

A huge thank you goes out to our amazing Vendor Team… It truly is a team effort!

Karen and her awesome team from I do Weddings and Events, Nancy and Honour  with Brideface,  Hair by Stephanie Barker and Jennifer Howland, Chefs Choice, Cindi at Music Hall, Poeme, Jimmy’s Limo,  Squirrel Films, Greg Lee and the Chuck Taylors, Cake Creation and Sprouts Floral design .  It was a pleasure to work with you all!!Bruewer_0001Bruewer_0002 Bruewer_0006 Bruewer_0005 Bruewer_0004 Bruewer_0003

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